Singaporeans are…

Google’s auto-fill suggestions are a nice guide to common search terms. Of particular interest are search phrases that presuppose something (e.g., “why are British people so uptight?” presupposes that British people are indeed uptight). So here are a few common search terms concerning Singapore and its denizens:

Why are Singaporeans…

  • unhappy
  • rude
  • racist
  • rich
  • angry

Singaporeans are…

  • rude
  • selfish
  • boring
  • cowards
  • poor

Singapore is…

  • expensive
  • windy
  • hot

These results don’t tell us anything about Singapore or Singaporeans, I think (they’re not even consistent). But they are amusing, and accurately reflect a number of stereotypes. For comparison, here are some results about: Americans (stupid, obese, ignorant, loud, rude, religious), Chinese (rich, yellow, smart, rude, materialistic, thin), Germans (rude), Malaysians (ugly, banned from Israel, muslim, stupid), and Filipinos (catholic, jealous, beautiful, ugly). Few of these auto-fill suggestions (for any group of people at all) are flattering; but this is probably to be expected from peering into the id, as these data do!

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