I’m an American ang moh living and working in Singapore. Though I’ve not lived here long, I adore this place. It is, already, home. Accordingly, I spend much of my free time (perhaps most of it) trying to learn more about and to betterĀ understand the little red dot and its people. Posts on this blog reflect this ongoing project of understanding. Writing is thinking and all that.

Eventually, topics I hope to cover include:

  • Language (Singaporean English, Singlish, the Singaporean Mandarin accent)
  • Food (of course)
  • Why Singapore is pretty much the best country ever
  • Why Singapore is not, after all, the best country ever (but is still pretty great)
  • Unwritten Social Rules (hawker centre tissue packets, MRT behaviour, taxi uncles)
  • Dating, Singapore Style (hint: it’s not quite like dating in, say, New York)
  • A Master Narrative (right now, I’m thinking a “tile” analogy or metaphor is the way to go)
  • Our Neighbors and Rivals (Singapore’s place in ASEAN and the Malay Peninsula, relations to nearby Muslim nations, and Singapore’s points of similarity and contrast with Penang, KL, Hong Kong, and Taiwan)
  • National Service (and its pervasive influence on Singaporean gender relations and spillover effects in, e.g., attitudes toward foreigners)
  • Local News
  • Xenophobia

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